Generational winemaking

Tradition, integrity & passion…

In 1991, third-generation, Jason Conti, assumed all winemaking responsibilities.

Over the years Jason has worked closely with his father by embracing a traditional wine making style combined with new technology learned from furthering his studies of viticulture and wine-making abroad.

This unique combination of youth and contemporary methods tied with traditional wine making techniques, has greatly influenced the success of the wines today.

With Jason firmly at the helm of the family business, Paul now spends much of his time overseeing the four family-owned vineyards and sourcing quality fruit from Pemberton growers for the brand’s Pemberton Pinot Noir label.


Today, Paul Conti Wines is a fully equipped, modern winery, producing approximately 7,000 cases per year and aside from a healthy domestic market, caters to a long-standing export market that includes Japan, Malaysia and China.